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"So He Motivated" The Real McCoy

How to stay motivated, driven and focus to achieve your goals. “So He Motivated” is song created by written THA REAL McCOY to inspire people facing life challenges when trying to obtain what they heart desire. No race, color or creed, we all deserve the best life has to offer. If we re- program our mind to believe in our dreams. And with the proper dedication, discipline and mental training success awaits us. Despite the discouraging factors we may encounter from others in our day to day lives or on social media. Staying motivated will push us to heights that we once thought was never possible.

The song sparked the “STAY MOTIVATED 2K15” campaign hash tag #Staymotivated2K15. We will provide a limited edition of “Stay Motivated 2K15” Tee-Shirts for purchase at THAREALMCCOY.COM

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