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"Respect Life" Raises Da Bar on HIV Awareness

Fans of the New Hit Webseries are taking notice to the specific issues that are being addressed in "Respect Life". So much, that it has already been premiered on other notable sites, which has even sparked alittle fan-favored war with Money & Violence.

But one very controversial topic I'd like to discuss in this article, is played out in this scene by XyayX's very Own Que Butter and XyayX Dot. It's getting REAL heated between these two. Gee (Dot) and Quincy (Que Butter) are seeming not to be able to co exist in their place of business due to Gee falling ill with HIV and Quincy's ignorance of the disease.

So my question to the viewers (after Pressing PLAY BELOW & Watching the episode till the credits, of course) is:

"Do you think Quincy's attitude towards Gee's current situation is fair? Should he feel nervous or disgusted by working with a friend who is HIV Positive? Or is He overreacting by making Gee feel uncomfortable working in the studio with his sickness? Please leave your comments below. And Don't forget to subscribe to the "Respect Life" channel on

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