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Video Production


​​Our Video Production team develops all aspects of a video from concept to shooting and distribution - all within the client’s budget guidelines. XyayX prides itself on producing a top quality, client specific video project.

We specialize in producing:
    * Music videos.
    * Commercials.
    * Event Videos.
    * Corporate Training & Safety Videos.
    * Marketing / Promotional Clips

Pre-Production  -

The process of preparing all the elements involved in the video to ensure that production will run smoothly and on schedule. These elements include writing treatments and scripts, budgeting, casting, securing locations, production breakdowns, and scheduling.



Post-Production  -

Involves all the steps necessary to complete a video project. This generally includes processing film, digitizing media, editing, compositing, sound design, voiceovers, and delivery.

Our  Production includes:

Production  -

Time that is allocated specifically for the shooting of the film/video and creating all the content necessary to produce the final cut of the video. This includes all acting, directing, lighting, makeup, traveling, and on location shooting. 

Video Production R-rates

The first thing most clients ask is how much their video will cost. When it comes to giving a quote for a complete production, every detail of the production must be taken into account. This includes travel arrangements, number of locations, talent, the final duration of the project, special equipment, and the complexity of post-production.


Because of these costly details, it is hard to give an immediate quote on the entire production until the video is broken down and all expectations are understood. 

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