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The Conscious Olympics July 30th

What's the Conscious Olympics you ask? It's a game show created by celebrate the greatness of our's a series of questions chosen from 7 categories posed to our contestestants, Que Butter Asa Nori Bey Kamani Tait and EnQi Real...each correct answer is worth 10 points....the person with the most points wins 500 DOLLARS....our children need to know that learning our history can be fun and profitable....AND we have Brick da Foundation hosting his cd release party and Jalon Nolaj Perryman performing ....Que Butter will also be dropping gems on credit repair...not only will Afi Ese be creating our trophy but she's also giving away a print of one of her phenomenal paintings to one lucky person who buys the livestream We always say think outside the box and offer something new....well here it is.... Keith Horton and myself representing Revolutionary MINDZ Cinema and Myskinismysin PRESENT: THE CONSCIOUS OLYMPICS...DETROIT, MI JULY 30TH AT 4PM...THE ELEVATOR BUILDING..SUITE 110...1938 FRANKLIN STREET WILL YOU SUPPORT? LINK TO PURCHASE TICKETS OR LIVESTREAM ====> WWW.CONSCIOUSOLYMPICS.YAPSODY.COM #buyblackmovement #buyblack #conscious #olympics #myskinismysin#revolutionarymindzcinema

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