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Just Being Honest

this shit hurts fam...i'm gone keep it a spend a lifetime fucking up and then you hear somebody speak or read a book that turns the switch...and you understand your greatness and embrace the beauty of your people...learn a little more...look for like minds...and all they do is argue about shit that ain't gone change people at kindergarten.....all these ways of communication...and ya'll choose the most public's unity tho...our people deserve better...some of ya'll even guilty of the same shit you accusing somebody else of but you the lunch lady and everybody wanna they won't say anything....not only are you fucking it up for the movement now...but for the future too...when mom and pop get disillusioned cause ya'll keep airing ya'll dirty laundry in public...we lost a family that we can't afford to ego should be bigger than the community....unfortunately, that's not the case #myskinismysin

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