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Dreno Ent. Presents "Bully In The Booth" by R.H.I.N.O.

To usher in 2016, the streets of New York is spiraled into a frenzy with the release of the BedStuy Bully’s new mixtape “The Bully In The Booth”. Fresh off the production tables, comes a New sound blazing on our radar. Hailing from Brooklyn New York, the artist known as R.H.I.N.O. (Rhyming Hard Is No Option) is quickly carving out a niche in the underground for himself and his home label, Dreno Entertainment

He starts this project off by informing you that if you don’t know about him by now, You gone learn today. And from there, it begans. ??? tracks of pure street lyrics combined with horns and drums that represent the Classy Grit of this artist. Its almost as if we are being given a day-to-day tour of the “Bully’s” lifestyle in his neighborhood. With a hint of another fellow Brooklyn Legend, He delivers that familiar New York sound that we all fell in love with.

So If you’re on the hunt for some raw hip hop vibes to get you through the week, you’re in luck….with The BedStuy Bully. He’s really working his way into our cranium. Now it’s time to crank up those speakers and get lost as we are taken on a wild ride through the Streets of Brooklyn courtesy of R.H.I.N.O.

Download On Soundcloud @ DRENO Ent


1. Bully In The Booth

2. R.H.I.N.O. (Rhymin Hard Is No Option)

3. No Return

4. Blaccout

5. Its Gonna Take A Miracle

6. Bully In The Booth

7. Cake By The Pound (Poundcake Bully Mix)

8. Lifestyle Of A Hustler

9. Mind Ova Matter

10. On Fire

11. Bully Season (Try Me Bully Mix)

12. Slowdown Bully

13. Dying To Live


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