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XyayX Music Group Presents "RAW FREEDOM" by Que Butter

"Cuz This the Realest Sh*t They Never Wrote (Never Wrote)

Cuz This the Realest Sh*t They Never Spoke (Never Spoke)

Cuz This the Realest Sh*t They Never Show (Never Show)

Cuz This the Realest Sh*t Youll Never Know! (Never Know!)"

-Que Butter "Raw Freedom" 2015

Que Butter releases, yet, another record aimed at the prevailing "Powers that Be!" This Time taking a more political approach, on "Raw FREEDOM" with references to being "A Real Black Man, who stand up and don't fear sh*t." The energy that Que displays on #RF reflectects the frustrations built in a conscious young black male living in our society. Reminding us of a rowdy, militant approach similarly taken by NWA, Ice T, and Tupac Shakur, and Dead Prez. But Que is clearly making a statement reaching far beyond just the famous phrase "Fu*k Tha Police!"

Quickly taking action through the creative influence of hip hop, Que Butter is already executing stategic ways of defeating "White-Supremacy" and believed to be one of today's most promising leaders defending us in the War waged against Black America!

With whispers of becoming a Leading Young Advocate of the RBG Movement, this song makes sense! Also note the new motion song art used, very well thought out symbolism to represent "the Idea!" Add in some qwerky closed-captions

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