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There Is A Rage Going On In Harlem!!!

"When they hit a line, shit is raw, Ain't No Doubtin' Me!"

-Rage Harlem 2015

After a long wait.....The Drought is Finally Over! The Product is here. XMG quietly released the official music video for Rage's "Grind 2 Eat" (Freestyle). And the streets of New York are now set a Blazing Fire! And left to his own vises, Rage has been granted free-reign to terrorize the industry at will. With his "Dope Raw... Coke raw" flow, he challenges you to achieve more!

"If u dont Grind, nigga, whatchu gonna Eat?

Gotta Go for it Post on it See them pies nigga betta getta piece!"

The self-proclaimed "Beast" from Harlem is on a Rampage, taking out anyone who stands in the way between him and his "Plate"! With a deadly combination of XyayX productions, blended with Rage's "Avtomat Kalashnikova" (AK) delivery, sprinkle in alittle bit of Battle Rapper Charlie Clips as a cameo, and what you have is the formula for some Raw Product!!!

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