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XyayX Music Group Continues It's Blitz with Rage Harlem's 1st Release entitled "Grind2E

"I Came Up from Harlem witta Ounce of D....

Nigga shoot it up and turn from ounce to key

I move n shift the powder Homie bout that cheeze

Nigga on His Grind doing numbers like its Alchemy!"

-Rage Harlem "Grind 2 Eat" (Freestyle) 2015

New hip hop artist and rapper Rage Harlem is XMG's "Sharp-Shooter", and he's been released to wreak havoc on the industry with his new debut entitled "Grind 2 Eat". The promotional single is dubbed a freestyle, fusing together Heavy Urban-knocking beats (produced by XyayX Super-Producer Tex HoTep) with the lyrical wordplay of Rage’s animinalistic, aggressive nature. His steady, rapid flow cuts so effortlessly through the drums, making you wonder, "When does he rest"? Rage's answer to that question: He Don't! "There's no time to sleep, when You on the Grind 2 Eat!!!"

Following the releases of his lable mates Que Butter, and fellow Harlem native, Pric3y, Rage shows a promising future in world that is addicted to the Scarface lifestyle of grinding from the bottom to the top. Rage is the "Poster Child" for that. Meet the Harlem Hustler!

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