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The Time To Stand is NOW: XMG Recording Artist Que Butter Invites Loaded Lux to Join Him on His Debu

"Got No Love 4 the Police,

I aint Got No Love 4 the Police,

All My Brothers and All My Sisters

Aint Got No Love 4 the Police!"

-Que Butter "No Love 4 the Police" 2015*

At probably the most controversially intense moment in Law Enforcement history, the brutal actions taken by the policing forces of America to uphold the law are finally going viral and coming to a harsh reality. That theres a War Outside! And known for his firm position against those Powers that are gauging that War on Black America, XMG Artist Que Butter teams up with Battle rap Phenom Loaded Lux in a Militant Rally March against the "Crooks in Blue".

With an edgy, consistent flow, Lux performs as the ambassador, of sort, for the urban population, spitting an arsonal of bars including the names of many black victims of police brutality.

All the while, Que leads the battle cry in a repeating chant "Got No Love for the Police. All My Brothers and All my Sisters ain't got No Love for the Police." Keeping a melodic flow, Que Butter initiates the XMG release calendar with a very relevant and colossal monument. With a strong political view, this could be one of this year's most controversial records to date!

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